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Riverdale Massage

Riverdale Pilates has two beautiful treatment rooms and highly qualified massage therapists.


Heather Kincaid: Registered Massage Therapist, B Sc.

Heather has extensive experience in rehabilitation, perinatal, relaxation and sports massage.  She can specifically address injuries having co-treated with many physiotherapists, chiropractors, family doctors, kinesiologists, personal trainers and other massage therapists.


Mallory Abbott: Registered Massage Therapist, B Sc.

Originally from London Ontario, Mallory completed her massage training at the Canadian Therapeutic College in Burlington in 2009.  After working in several multi-disciplinary clinics co-treating with physiotherapists and chiropractors Mallory relocated to Toronto. She has also completed McMaster University's Medical Acupuncture Program and can utilize acupuncture within her treatments.


90 min $ 120.00

60 min $ 85.00

45 min $ 70.00

30 min  $ 55.00