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Pilates Education - The Pilates Process™



The Pilates Process offers exceptional training. This program is ideal for students eager to learn the complexities of Pilates, the depth of programming and anatomy, and the art of communication. Much more than just teaching exercises, excellent Pilates teachers can adapt to learning styles of their clientele, are able to make effective programs for a broad variety of clients and have a solid foundation in postural analysis. Instructors for the training courses are immensley experienced, passionate, and eager to connect and guide the students.


New Reformer Course Level 1 & 2 starts November 14th 2015!

Contact Laura for more information or registration.


Courses are taught regularly at Riverdale Pilates and various studios throughout Ontario and BC.

For more information, visit our educational website: www.thepilatesprocess.com


Studio owner Laura Helsel and senior instructor Monique Trudelle are Certified Educators in the Franklin Method. We offer ongoing workshops, open to all, in the Franklin Method. See the workshop page for more information.


Registration Information:

Paul Guitard
Education Coordinator
(416) 466-7733